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ChatGPT for Small Business: Savior or Achilles Heel?

I’ve been thinking more and more about the use of ChatGPT as a competitive advantage for small businesses. … And not using it as a competitive disadvantage. A significant principle that I, and other ChatGPT trainers out there, are focused on is that AI is a tool you can use for productivity, freeing up time […]

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Strategizing Your Chamber of Commerce Membership(s) in 2024

Since we’ve started putting out content related to making the most of your chamber of commerce investment several years ago, our most viewed blogs have always been our “Chamber Prep for the Upcoming Year” entries. Well, guess what? As much as no one wants to hear it, it’s already time to talk about 2024.

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Make the Most of Your Chamber of Commerce Membership – Fall 2023

I want to put you, for a moment, in the shoes of your favorite chamber of commerce rep. September is approaching quickly, and while there’s still one more summer weekend to be had, you know that the day you get back to the office, things take off – and don’t really slow down until about […]

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