Is Your Content Connecting with Your Audience?

Momentum’s efforts on clients’ behalf to connect you with chambers of commerce and business associations, where your target prospects gather, rely heavily on content. You are an expert. You have knowledge, insight and expertise to offer – otherwise you wouldn’t be in business. A big part of our strategy is to put your knowledge, insight and expertise in front of the people who can best use it.

So, we have two kinds of client:

(1) You have your own people, in-house or contracted, to create content for you. We work very closely with your team to not only place your content strategically, but recommend the best messaging, format and timing for use with your chambers of commerce and business associations.

(2) You need content – and Momentum can do it for you. Many of our clients rely on us for the whole package – which can be beneficial because, as you know, your content often evolves, and we’re able to develop, adjust, add to and follow-up on content in many different ways on your behalf.

While not exclusive (sometimes there’s a medium that no one’s thought of, that is a perfect fit for YOU!), here’s where we do well:


Momentum works closely with our clients on creating blogs to keep your web site fresh and up-to-date. This is no AI-generated copy – we take your expertise and turn it into shareable content with strong SEO, written by our president, Craig Turner, who is a former newspaper reporter, press secretary and the author of ten (10) books. Here are some recent examples we’ve done for clients (and ourselves!):

Have You and Data Had a Bad Break-Up? (for Rel8ed Analytics)

Best Practices for a Better Relationship with Customs (for Way-Bri Express)

Why Did You Invest in Digital Signage? To Show Your Menu, or to Sell More? (for impulseGUIDE)

Speaking Roles and Panels

Chambers of commerce and business associations are always looking for content for their members. Good, quality, valuable, timely content. Having worked on both the chamber side AND the member side, Momentum specializes in placing our clients’ content with business organizations in a way that provides significant value for their members (meaning – stuff the organizations are proud to present!). In addition, sometimes it’s strategic to just do it yourself – and we often run client events from start-to-finish – you keep complete control. Here are some recent examples of speaking roles we’ve landed for our clients:

chamber of commerce, chambers of commerce, momentum, networking, membership, ChatGPT, rel8ed, Bob Lytle, AI, artificial intelligence, Niagara USA

Bob Lytle, Rel8ed Analytics (a Coface company) – Panelist for Niagara USA “ChatGPT for Small Business” Webinar

chamber of commerce, chambers of commerce, momentum, membership, networking, bob lytle, rel8ed, coface, data, analytics, world trade center, buffalo niagara

Bob Lytle (again), Rel8ed Analytics (a Coface company) – Keynote speaker for World Trade Center Buffalo Niagara
5th Annual International Case Competition

coffeefest, damon piatek, import, export, trade, chamber of commerce, chambers of commerce, momentum, networking, membership, marketing, content, content creation

Damon Piatek, Piatek Customs & Logistics – Importing 101 Workshop at CoffeeFest in New York City

Your Content in Chamber Newsletter Blurbs

Have you ever created a newsletter, and kept it going for a long time? Everyone loves the idea, because it’s a great way to connect with your followers, but, man, is it a lot of work. It’s a primary form of member communication for chambers and business associations, though, and monthly, bi-weekly or even weekly, they need content! You have content. It’s a perfect match. Momentum works with hundreds of organizations around North America who need your content to make sure their newsletters are valuable to their members.

White Papers/How-To Guides

There is a lot of noise in the marketplace, and sometimes your social media, your PR and even your newsletters just aren’t getting through. Often, the best way to get your story told is to find an “A” prospect, and simply hand them your knowledge in a .pdf or a booklet. We use this strategy often, and we can assure you, it works. No samples here – these are inside baseball, trade secrets. The good stuff. Happy to discuss, though.

Trade Shows

We love trade shows. You know what we love most about them? It’s that a lot of companies are really, really bad at them. You don’t have to walk down too many aisles at a trade show to fill up your hands counting the number of people sitting at a boring table, surrounded by pamphlets (and a bowl of candy that we guess is supposed to draw the throngs!), scrolling through their phones. It gives our clients the opportunity to shine – and shine they do. From securing speaking roles to planning to engaging on social media to on-the-floor to follow-up, we work trade shows start-to-finish to make sure our clients accomplish the goals they set when they sign up. If your trade shows aren’t performing, it’s imperative that you call us before your next one and let’s grab coffee!!! You’re spending too much money to not get results!

Social Media Content

Do we do lots of social media? Sure we do. Do we want to? No. However – we often consult on social media strategy, both in broad, long-term scale, and create an specific online program for each and every piece of content that we create for our clients. 

Press Releases and PR

Momentum began as a strictly PR firm before evolving into the more comprehensive role we play today for our clients. We still do full PR services for a number of clients, and work hard to maintain strong relationships with the media on their behalf. 


It’s important to note that none of the content we create is fluff, or designed to attract empty clicks. We despise marketing reports to leadership that say, “We got 1,200 views on our post, but no new leads or clients.” We are highly targeted on your behalf, from what we’re writing to who we’re targeting. If we need video or extensive graphic design, we have outstanding vendors we work with. We’ve done podcasts with our clients. And if your target audience gathers somewhere outside of our usual channels, we may point you in that direction with your content, too (very proud – we once had a local political client candidate take his wife to a popular new restaurant and “check in” on Facebook, which was incredibly successful in the campaign!). Let’s talk! 

Do you need content creation that not only tells your story, but establishes your target audience and delivers it to them?
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