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In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, artificial intelligence (AI) stands at the forefront of transforming business operations, strategies, and outcomes. Recognizing this revolutionary potential, Momentum positions itself as a vanguard, integrating AI/ChatGPT solutions tailored for small businesses. Indeed, at Momentum, we believe that harnessing ChatGPT’s power is not just about staying ahead in technology – it’s about redefining the possibilities for business growth, efficiency, and competitive edge. Consequently, our suite of AI services – combined with our 20 years’ experience in supporting business development and growth through chambers of commerce and business organizations – is designed to empower small businesses to navigate the complexities of modern business with ease, innovation, and foresight.



At Momentum, we empower businesses to unlock the full potential of artificial intelligence with our specialized Corporate AI Training programs. Designed to transcend basic applications, our tailored training solutions address your unique challenges and drive transformative growth. Whether you’re aiming to streamline operations, enhance customer experiences, or innovate business strategies, our comprehensive sessions equip your team with the expertise and tools needed to leverage advanced AI technologies effectively. Led by seasoned professionals, our training is available both in-person and virtually, ensuring a flexible and impactful learning experience. Discover how Momentum’s Corporate AI Training can elevate your business to new heights.


Momentum provides targeted training for small businesses, from beginners to advanced. Specifically, our sessions focus on the unique challenges small businesses face, covering current AI updates, trends, and real-life uses. Moreover, with small business-specific prompts crafted in real time, we empower you to use AI for better customer engagement, efficiency, and strategy. Upcoming Trainings for Small Businesses


At Momentum, innovation is continuous. In that regard, we’re consistently developing AI tools specifically for small businesses, streamlining routine tasks and enhancing operational efficiencies. Importantly, our Small Business-Specific GPTs are available in the GPT store, free with a paid subscription to ChatGPT, offering a powerful solution to automate and optimize business activities.

  • Webinar Wizard – Generates timely webinar ideas for small businesses with titles, speakers, and summaries
  • Networking Follow-up Connector – Takes your networking contacts and drafts a customized LinkedIn connection request for each
  • Event Promotor AI – Input your event URL and today’s date, and EPAI will create your promotional strategy and all content leading up to your event


Momentum understands the unique challenges and opportunities facing small businesses in integrating AI solutions. With that in mind, our consulting services are designed to provide customized, strategic insights for both short-term projects and long-term growth plans. Subsequently, whether you need an AI strategist to brainstorm innovative solutions or someone dedicated to thinking about ChatGPT applications for your business every day, Momentum is here to partner with you.


Lastly, innovation at Momentum is not just a concept; it’s a practice. Our daily experimentation with ChatGPT involves tackling new challenges, testing ideas, and exploring the boundaries of AI’s capabilities. Have a challenge for us? Share it, and let’s explore the possibilities together.

Harness the Power of AI with Momentum

Embrace the future with Momentum’s AI solutions for small businesses. Leverage our expertise, innovation, and tailored services to transform your operations, attract and engage customers, and achieve unprecedented growth. With this in mind, join us in pioneering the integration of ChatGPT into the small business ecosystem. Unlock new horizons for your organization.


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