Momentum – The Business Growth Agency

Momentum Public Affairs has been around for several years now, and we do a combination of public relations, marketing, social media, government relations, business development and executive management.

It’s a mouthful, I know.

But the bottom line is, people know that if they come to us, we have many tools to get things done for them.

Recently, we did a strategic exercise, and asked the question, “What’s our specialty? What can we honestly say that we do better than anyone else?”

And the thing that came to the forefront is that we know how to navigate a region’s business associations, chambers of commerce and not-for-profits to create new business opportunities.

Doesn’t matter what region – we know the organizations to engage, the questions to ask and the way to put our clients in front of the right people.

How do we know how to do that?

Well, we’re in the unique position to be on both sides of the membership and sponsorship transactions.

Currently, we handle executive services for two business organizations that are consistently looking to engage companies, and rely on events, memberships and sponsorships to survive.

So, we understand the organizational perspective very well.

We’re also a small business, and we represent other businesses, who often utilize those organizations to find new business.

So, I spend a great deal of time building relationships with various business organizations to discover the best opportunities for investment.

You have specialties of your own – it’s the work that you do on a daily basis, whether it’s providing a service or selling a product.

Your specialty is not navigating the regional business ecosystem to identify, negotiate and implement the many opportunities that exist.

That’s what we do.


The Service We Provide

When it comes to chambers of commerce, business associations and not-for-profits, we are your agent.

Yes, your agent like an athlete, or an author, or someone looking for a new house would have.

We spend a great deal of time building relationships with these organizations, who rely on contributions from companies like yours to exist, but aren’t always the best at showing you value in return.

We know how to use these relationships to position you to get the most bang for your buck out of the marketing dollars you’re spending.

Our role is to secure greater return-on-investment for your contributions, sponsorships and even memberships, in general.

Armed with your growth plans, we look at the business association landscape and design and implement a strategy for you to get the most out of every dollar (and hour) you spend.

Can’t We Do this Ourselves?

Yes, you can, but largely, you don’t.

Not you personally, but businesses in general.

Many business owners can barely tell me the organizations they belong to, much less the value they’re getting from them.

I’ve had companies spend $5K to sponsor events I’ve run, and then send no one to the event.

I know companies that have joined an organization and the next interaction they had with the group was receiving their renewal e-mail a year later (this, unfortunately, happens an awful lot).

These kinds of interactions with business associations often fall into the category of “next month I’ll give them a call.”

But you’re busy. We’re all busy. One month leads to the next and the next and suddenly you’ve spent money and gotten nothing for it.


We enjoy this role

We enjoy making these connections, and ensuring that if you spend money with a business association, they appreciate it, and go out of their way to show you value.

So when their CRM alerts them that your membership renewal is due, it’s not a conversation they dread because they’ve actually connected with you throughout the year in a meaningful way.

You belong to enough organizations to know the realities.

You get what you ask for.

So we’ll ask for you.


How Does Our Program Work?

Momentum Agency clients pay a low monthly retainer per market, which sets us in motion on their behalf to do the following:

  • Work with you to create a membership and sponsorship strategy
  • Manage your memberships and sponsorships
  • Handle sponsorship meetings with or without you
  • Provide guidance on membership and sponsorship opportunities
  • Offer recommendations on events to attend
  • Interact with memberships and sponsored organizations throughout the year on your behalf
  • Provide access to all of Momentum’s chamber, business association and not-for-profit relationships
  • Provide access to our database of companies’ memberships – who can you find where?

Clients who utilize Momentum Public Affairs’ services on a retainer basis for public relations, marketing, business development, etc. receive all of the above services as part of their relationship with us.


Helping them help you

One of the reasons we enjoy this work so much is that we appreciate the missions of these organizations that you’re supporting.

We’re big believers.

And we know that they can’t do the important work they do – whether it’s advocating on behalf of business, providing technical assistance or administering workforce development programs – without your financial support.

So, doing what we can to make sure that you’re getting value from them makes you want to continue to invest with them so that they can continue to do that important work.

See how it all comes together?


Getting started

We know you’re not sitting around thinking about your association memberships.

So, we needed a way to help you start to wrap your head around the value you’re getting from your various memberships and sponsorships, so we created our 5-minute Sponsorship Self-Evaluation Form.

The form is designed to give you a high-level look at your investments of both time and money, and see what’s coming back to you.

We’ve worked with enough companies that we know most don’t have a handle on this – even companies with internal marketing people who are stretched, themselves… So big kudos to you if you do.

If you look at what you’ve written on the form and don’t think you’re getting enough value, scan it and send it to me (e-mail address is on the form).

Let’s have a conversation about how to get you more.