Momentum in New Markets

At Momentum – The Business Growth Agency, we believe that one of the fastest ways to make your new market entry take hold is by engaging chambers of commerce and other business associations to build contacts, and demonstrate that you provide a value the market hasn’t seen before. We spend a great deal of time building relationships with business organizations across the U.S. and Canada, so that when you need them, we’re an e-mail away. We use our existing relationships – and our knowledge of the business association environment – for our clients to get them a warm welcome and a firm foundation for growth in their targeted markets.

How Does Our Program Work?

Momentum Agency clients pay a low monthly retainer per market, which sets us in motion on their behalf to do the following:

  • Work with you to create a membership and sponsorship strategy.
  • Research your new market to identify the best organizations for investment and/or engagement.
  • Provide guidance on membership and sponsorship opportunities, including negotiating benefits.
  • Manage your memberships and sponsorships.
  • Handle sponsorship meetings with or without you.
  • Offer recommendations on events to attend.
  • Interact with memberships and sponsored organizations throughout the year on your behalf.
  • Provide access to all of MPA’s chamber, business association and not-for-profit relationships.
  • Utilize MTGBA’s relationships with chambers of commerce, business associations and not-for-profits to target key prospects among their memberships.

Clients who utilize Momentum Public Affairs’ services on a retainer basis for public relations, marketing, business development, etc. receive all of the above services as part of their relationship with us.

Want to get started building Momentum in new markets? Schedule a no-strings-attached 15-minute call with us here