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The Momentum Agency

When it comes to chambers of commerce, business associations and not-for-profits, we are your agent. We help you develop, implement and optimize your membership and sponsorship strategy.

Momentum for Businesses

Let's start increasing your ROI for dollars you're already spending, and put new $$ to work for you. Sponsorship marketing works, and we'll show you how.

Moderator Services

Momentum – The Business Growth Agency offers moderator services for chamber of commerce events and panel discussions all across the country.

New Market Entry

Don't waste your $$ on random memberships when entering a new market - build momentum by joining the right orgs, and having the right conversations with them.

Momentum Public Affairs

The Momentum Agency's parent company, Momentum Public Affairs, provides public relations and marketing services for businesses of all sizes.

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Why You Should Be Getting More from Your Business Memberships

Quick question: What’s the first thing that goes through your mind when your membership or sponsorship renewal from your business association lands on your desk?

We hope that it’s, “Let’s get this paid right away. We get so many leads and new business out of this that re-upping is a no-brainer!”

Sadly, though, that’s probably not your reaction. LEARN MORE ---->

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