Wrapped Vehicle… Meet Chamber of Commerce Events

Imagine attending a chamber of commerce networking event, and having people come up to you all night saying, “I saw your car outside”… How powerful could that be?

Does anyone remember the old Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup commercials – “You put chocolate in my peanut butter!”?

We entrepreneurs are consistently looking for ways to collaborate with other, seemingly unrelated, entrepreneurs to create Peanut Butter Cup-level solutions that can help all of our clients.

A good friend of mine, Trace George, President of VSP Graphics Group (https://www.vspgraphicgroup.com), recently posted something on LinkedIn that caught my eye, breaking down the benefits of vehicle wraps.

Since we talk about chambers of commerce as among the best way to target market your products and services, I reached out to Trace with an idea – a “peanut butter cup” blog, mixing VSP’s services (one of many outstanding services, of course) with Momentum’s.

Let’s see what it looks like:

The Chocolate: Marketing with Vehicle Wraps Through VSP

While VSP does many things, they’ve become well-known as a go-to for vehicle wraps.

You notice wrapped vehicles everywhere, but do you ever stop and think about why you notice wrapped vehicles everywhere – and why they’re a great choice for marketing investment?

Here’s why:

High visibility: Vehicle wraps are designed to attract attention, whether parked or on the move, and can reach a massive audience – and you completely control the targeting!

Cost-effective: Once a vehicle wrap is installed, it can last for several years, making it a comparatively inexpensive long-term investment that provides continuous exposure for your business.

Mobile: Wrapped vehicles can travel to different locations, reach different audiences, and can even be used to target strategic areas, such as high-traffic areas, events, or neighborhoods.

Customizable: An eye-catching design that reflects your brand’s personality, values, and message, will leave a lasting impression on potential customers, even when they’re not expecting it.

You know this, but we’ll say it anyway: vehicle wraps are a cost-effective and incredibly visible way to promote businesses to YOUR target audience.

The Peanut Butter: Marketing with the Chamber of Commerce Through Momentum

Our specialty at Momentum is working with chambers of commerce, and helping our clients squeeze every last drop of value out of their memberships and sponsorships.

While that covers a lot, specifically we’ll talk here about networking events.

We know that people don’t always employ a strategy when going to a networking event, but we also know that somehow since the pandemic ended, people seem to be busier than ever – so you kind of have to start.

We see networking events – particularly because many are admittedly sick of virtual meetings by now – as the prime place to develop your prospect list, build new relationships and foster existing ones.

Which means that when we’re giving up an evening for a mixer, or stepping away from the office for a quick connect lunch, and spending 35 bucks, we have a strategy.

Part of that strategy is connecting with prospects and strategic partners I already know, and part of it is finding new people to add to my network.

That being the case (especially because we do a lot of networking out of town), we go into a networking room and look for any advantage we can to meet people.

You can buy additional opportunities through sponsorship, of course, but “working the room” relies on a mix of introductions, cold approaches, compelling conversation and an occasional gimmick or two.

A great example for us is our TechCards digital business card – every time we take it out, we get a group of a half-dozen onlookers while we explain how it works.

That puts us in a great place to make new contacts and build new relationships.

See where this is going?

How Do Vehicle Wraps and Chamber of Commerce Events Go Together?

Well, this is a long blog to make the point that when you’re in a chamber of commerce networking event, once you walk into the room, you use every advantage to connect with people.

Now, imagine this…

You’ve got your vehicle wrapped with beautifully-designed branding, and you find a strategic parking spot in front of the chamber of commerce networking event… THAT YOU’RE GOING INTO TO NETWORK!

Do you understand the power of “Oh, I saw your car outside”?

There are many, many strategies for a wrapped vehicle – and Trace and his team can give you the full gamut…

But I can’t think of a more effective way to get two of the famous “seven touches” you need for sales by having someone see your branded vehicle, and then talking to them face-to-face inside the event… Follow up with them after, and you’re three steps in to making the sale.

And (shhhh), the exposure doesn’t cost you a penny.

(Note to chambers of commerce – I would totally reserve some key spots at some of your bigger events for people to park their wrapped vehicles right in front of registration, and put a sponsorship on them… I would think it’d be money well spent!!!)

But, it’s not just the visibility.

This strategy revolves around being in-person, and working the room – only with an added boost the minute you walk through the door.

Wrap-Up (Get It?)

We have a client who keeps saying they want to wrap their vehicle, but hasn’t crossed that line yet.

I say go for it.

Because I know we’ll plant that car in front of networking events three nights a week.

If your vehicle is NOT yet wrapped, and you’re considering it, I’d give Trace and his team at VSP Graphics a call – they do a fantastic job, and have very much earned the reputation of being the go-to resource.

Then, call us at Momentum, and we’ll help you start placing your beautifully-branded vehicle in strategic places designed to put you in front of your A-list prospects.

Sounds like a pretty sweet peanut butter cup!