Secrets of Sponsorship Sales

I’m guessing you’re hit with sponsorship requests all the time.

There are many, many causes, business groups, events, walk-a-thons, etc. that all have their hand out to you.

We know that, in your heart, you’d like to help everyone.

But you face some realities:

(1) There isn’t an infinite amount of money to go around, and

(2) You still have to run a business.

Using the Leverage You Have

There’s a singular component of the sponsorship process that is the key to the entire relationship:

Your sponsorship check.

Presuming that it’s not-for-profits (NFPs) that are seeking your support, they are salivating over the check in your hand.

The age of social media has made it very easy for more and more NFPs to pop up, gain a following, and have a voice.

Meaning, there are more and more open hands in your face, looking for not enough money to go around.

So, that check you’re holding is incredibly valuable.

What They Want Helps You Get What You Need

We also know that there have been times that you’ve handed that check over and not heard anything again from the organization until the next time they needed a check.

And while that’s disappointing and unfortunate, it’s also a part of the story:

They not only want the check you’re holding, but one next year and the year after that.

And they’ll go above and beyond to get it.

You just have to ask.

Both Sides of the Sponsorship Story

Momentum Public Affairs fulfills the executive role for three not-for-profits, so we know how difficult it is to sustain an organization through sponsorship.

We know the value of sponsorship dollars to a not-for-profit, and the importance of making the sponsorship experience a positive one for the sponsor to keep the contributions flowing and sustainable.

As a result, we try to pack as much ROI as we can give into every dollar we received.

But, we’re also a small business, so we get it.

Every sponsorship should be to mutual benefit.

Ask the Question

So, how do you leverage the check in your hand to get larger consideration in the organization’s sponsorship sales process?

You ask.

It relies on your strategy – you need to know what to ask for, but your contribution is making their team’s lives significantly easier.

Perhaps even keeping them in business.

Whether it be advertising space, influence, connections, direct assistance or the appropriate amount of recognition, these organizations have an awful lot to give away.

But they won’t unless you ask for it.

And as a part of their sales process – they will be pleased to provide it.

Why? Because showing you a return on your investment makes their job infinitely easier the next time they ask.


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