No Time to Do this Job, Even with Internal Marketing People

I sold a sponsorship to an event recently – a big one, $5K – and was talking with the marketing manager from the business, thanking them for their support and discussing details on how they would be represented at the event.

They told me that no one from the organization was going to be able to attend the event, and that the logo placement that we had in the sponsorship form was good for them.


I’m a small business, so I don’t necessarily talk in terms of $5K sponsorships, but if I did you could damn well be sure I’d be at that event squeezing every last penny of value out of it.

It’s very interesting having spent time on both sides of the sponsorship conversation how companies handle these investments. For our company and our clients, our expenditures are very strategically placed, and we demand value or the program is not renewed.

For many larger companies, a $5K sponsorship to stay represented everywhere is a drop in the bucket, and there isn’t too much pressure for results.

Until one day there is.

Something happens – a downturn in the economy, new management with a different marketing philosophy… All kinds of things can cause a change.

And then, suddenly, you get the call… We want to evaluate all of our business organization spending.

Organizations and programs that haven’t shown obvious value are the first ones to go, and the rest are negotiated down. And, unfortunately, as we saw with many companies in the recession in 2009/2010 or the COVID pandemic in 2020, in situations where these budgets were cut, the marketing person in charge of that budget often goes, as well.

Our advice is, that no matter what the current situation is, get on top of your business association sponsorships and memberships. Make sure that they’re returning ROI for you.

We know that everyone is busy, and sometimes each month goes into the next month and on and on, and it’s easy to lose sight of. Especially if you’re a company that’s involved in many business associations – often in multiple markets.

Which is why we created Momentum – the Business Growth Agency, to be that resource for you.

Our services are designed for both companies without that marketing manager presence, trying to navigate the opportunities without someone focused on it day-to-day, but also for those companies where the marketing manager is stretched, and dealing with advertising, client relations, social media, and probably internal communications, as well.

We’re already paying attention to this world.

We know where the opportunities are, and we know how to get ROI.

We also know what works and what doesn’t.

If your sponsorship dollars are spread all over – to the point where you don’t even know where they are (yes, we know this happens) – let’s talk about how to get that $$ working better for you.

Then your marketing manager can go back to what she does best – marketing.


Nobody likes to admit it, but sometimes we are simply too busy. Don’t let that be a reason for missing out on opportunities.
Schedule a 15-minute call with us today, and let’s talk about how to fix that.