Momentum – The Business Growth Agency Announces Opening of Tampa Office

TONAWANDA, NY (April 27) – Momentum – The Business Growth Agency president Craig Turner announced today that the Tonawanda-based agency has opened an office in Tampa, Florida. Momentum Agency’s new offices are in the Wells Fargo Center in downtown Tampa.

“While Momentum helps clients with entry into markets all over North America by creating relationships with chambers of commerce and other business associations, for our own purposes, a number of opportunities on the Gulf Coast have become available,” said Turner. “We thought that it was a good time to act on them, and put our stake in the fast-growing market. We’re excited to be there, and already building relationships.”

Turner cited Momentum’s new membership with Amplify Clearwater, the chamber of commerce representing the North Pinellas Region, as a critical piece of moving forward with the Tampa location.

“We believe in chambers of commerce – not only their work in their communities across the country, but in their place as the easiest and fastest way for companies coming into a market to build relationships and gain a foothold,” said Turner. “That goes for our clients, and it goes for us. Amplify Clearwater has welcomed Momentum with open arms, and we’re excited to be involved.”

Turner noted how the pandemic has created an interesting opportunity for professional services companies, with so much programming being done virtually.

“Even as different parts of the country start to bring back in-person events at different speeds, virtual content is here to stay, and has been identified as a viable way for business associations to easily connect with their members,” Turner said. “This offers a great opportunity for business-to-business companies to reach beyond their immediate markets, since you don’t always have to be on-hand for meetings and events. We’ve dug into this both for our clients and our own work, and we’ve been able to really strengthen relationships in an array of markets over the past year.”

Momentum – The Business Growth Agency is a subsidiary of Turner’s company, Momentum Public Affairs (MPA), started in 2014, created to help clients manage and optimize their association memberships for greater return-on-investment. Turner cited his firm’s unique perspective on that relationship, with more than fifteen years of experience managing not-for-profits, coupled with the last seven years in the private sector with his company, Momentum Public Affairs.

“We know how the business associations work – what they need to be successful – and we know what the services they provide need to look like to bring return-on-investment to companies like ours,” said Turner. “We also know what their members need, and how they gauge if they’ve benefitted from their involvement. We believe that creating a stronger, more meaningful relationship between the association and the member will strengthen both of them, particularly in a business climate where both could use the boost.”

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