Momentum – The Business Growth Agency and Analytics Launch New Momentum Chamberizer Platform

TONAWANDA, NY (June 10) – Momentum – The Business Growth Agency president Craig W. Turner and Analytics president Robert Lytle today announced the launch of an exciting new program designed to help companies maximize their business development opportunities with chambers of commerce, business associations and industry groups. The collaborative technology, the Momentum Chamberizer, is an innovative new platform that allows companies to match their prospect lists against chamber membership in markets around the U.S. and Canada.

“We’re very excited to launch the Momentum Chamberizer, a concept that we scribbled on a napkin several years ago, and have spent the last year developing with,” said Turner. “Companies are looking for the best return-on-investment from their marketing dollars, and the Chamberizer helps them find it by showing them exactly where their best prospects are.”

The program, powered by’s Diligence platform, enables users to search for specific companies’ engagement with chambers and business associations for enhanced prospect targeting, or compare prospect lists across business organizations to inform membership/sponsorship decisions in current or new markets.

“The Chamberizer is a terrific application for our platform and the vast amounts of data that we collect, as our data clients come to us when they’re looking for a leg up, whether it’s risk management, research, marketing or, in this case, business development,” added Lytle. “Coupled with the Diligence platform, the Chamberizer is a powerful tool that will make companies’ prospecting efforts instantly smarter.”

For Momentum, the Chamberizer platform is a tool to support its mission of helping companies maximize their membership and sponsorship spending with business groups.

“We’ve always done well on behalf of our clients in getting them added value for the membership and sponsorship dollars they’re already spending,” Turner said. “What we were missing was the intelligence – an easy way to see where your best prospects are actually spending their time. The Chamberizer is a game-changer for companies looking to spend their prospecting time, effort and money more effectively.”

The Momentum Chamberizer is launching with immediate capabilities in six (6) markets: Buffalo Niagara, Charleston (SC), Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Savannah and Tampa/Clearwater/St. Petersburg. More markets will come online soon, and specific markets not listed can be requested.

“We pride ourselves on providing access to a massive graph of open-source data, which is particularly strong in North America,” continued Lytle. “The Chamberizer provides another lens to see that data through, and soon enough we’ll be able to support the chamber membership analysis in markets all across the U.S. and Canada. This is an exciting project, and we’re pleased to be able to collaborate with Momentum on it.”

The Chamberizer program offers users two levels per market: (1) a one-time analysis of your own prospect list or one provided by, against the Chamberizer database; or (2) that same analysis, but also with access to’s Diligence platform, enabling an even deeper dive into business intelligence on your prospect list.

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