Have you purchased a data list for lead generation and struggled to find value in it? Have lots of internal data but it’s not yielding the results you want? Momentum has partnered with Rel8ed, a Coface Company to offer their award-winning Diligence Leads lead generation platform to companies throughout the U.S. and Canada. 

The Rel8ed Difference: Not Your Average AI

chamber of commerce, chambers of commerce, big data, analytics, data analytics, momentum, membership, networking, lead generationWe know AI is over-hyped and often underperforms. That’s why the AI powering the Diligence Leads program isn’t just about machines and algorithms, it’s also about the Human team behind it.

Rel8ed’s human-powered AI combines the best of today’s advanced modeling systems with the irreplaceable intuition and rationalization of the human mind. Combining the two creates smarter systems that uncover new curiosities, business intelligence, and lead opportunities for you to explore.

Diligence Leads Lead Generation

As a subscriber to the Diligence Leads program through Momentum and Rel8ed:

You get expert-led lead generation.
Our lists are curated with human eyes and our talented team. This means you get unique information on your prospects, so that you can make a smarter, more informed sale.

You get more than a list, you get unexpected insights.
We connect the dots between your data, our Advanced Business Database, and expert led AI to find insights your sales team can immediately implement in their prospecting.

You finally uncover what’s useful in your data.
Too much data and not enough clarity about what it means? Our proprietary algorithms filter what’s useful and what’s not in your data, fill in the gaps, and augment what you have so you can finally uncover stronger leads, new customer segments, and hidden markets.

Why Hypertarget Your Lead Generation?

When we first sit down with a new client, we ask them two questions: (1) Who is your target prospect categorically? and (2) Who is your target prospect specifically?

Why is this important?

We believe that if you’re not using data – whether it’s purchased, curated data or, at the least, providing anecdotal direction – to target your ideal prospects, you’re missing out on opportunities to grow your business.

In our world, we call this “hypertargeting”.

We know that most of the time, marketing resources are not unlimited. 

With hypertargeting through the Diligence Leads program, we use curated data to identify your ideal prospects; through Momentum, hunt them down where they hang out (chambers, etc.), AND tailor your story to reel them in.

Let’s face it. You’re busy.

Would you rather focus your sales efforts and time on “maybes”, or prospects that are perfect for your products and services?

The Diligence Platform

For many years, the big fish – the Amazons and Targets of the world – have been using Big Data to get closer to all of us.

Now, through Rel8ed’s award-winning Diligence platform, the power of Big Data is available to all of us.

While the powerful combination of Rel8ed’s AI and human data scientists will handle the grunt work for targeting your perfect prospects, subscribers to the Diligence Leads program have access to the Diligence platform – and are free to roam.

What you’ll find inside:

  • Access to 150 million companies globally (and counting)
  • Attributes (size, revenue, licenses, principals, media, etc.) for the companies you’re most interested in
  • Key connections between companies and people that you couldn’t have known existed

In addition, subscription to Diligence Leads includes training and access to an exclusive Diligence Leads LinkedIn group for further education, insights and access.


We designed Diligence Leads to get you closer to your perfect prospects, with better intel, and a clearer path forward. Let’s talk about how this can work for you!


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