Momentum Public Affairs Spins Off Momentum – The Business Growth Agency

TONAWANDA, NY (June 17) – Momentum Public Affairs president and founder Craig Turner today announced a new spin-off company: Momentum – The Business Growth Agency. The Momentum Agency’s focus is on strengthening companies’ growth opportunities through engagement with chambers of commerce, business associations and not-for-profits.

“We have found that there is incredible potential for companies to grow their markets by utilizing chambers of commerce and other business associations,” said Turner. “These organizations provide some of the most targeted marketing investment opportunities you can find for your money. Unfortunately, many business owners can barely tell me the organizations they belong to, much less the value they’re getting from them. We fix that.”

Turner cited fifteen years of experience managing not-for-profits, coupled with the last six years in the private sector with Momentum Public Affairs.

“We know how the business associations work – what they need to be successful – and we know what the services they provide need to look like to bring return-on-investment to companies like ours,” said Turner. “We also know what their members need, and how they gauge if they’ve benefitted from their involvement. We believe that creating a stronger, more meaningful relationship between the association and the member will strengthen both of them, particularly in a business climate where both could use the boost.”

Turner cited the shutdown resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic as a catalyst for changing how companies work with their business associations. With many questions surrounding networking events – the hallmark of many of these organizations, and the go-to business development strategy for many companies – both sides are being forced to become more strategic to remain sustainable.

“As chambers of commerce and business associations evolve, the meaning of that investment, whether it’s a $250 membership or a $10,000 sponsorship, is changing,” said Turner. “Take the transition from live events to digital. For business associations, that’s a tough pill to swallow, as the bulk of their revenue is derived from live events. But as a marketing person, I would recommend to my clients sponsorship of a digital event that lives online over a one-time live event every day. Businesses must become more and more astute when it comes to these marketing decisions, and the associations have to find new flexibility in their offerings.”

The Momentum Agency’s services include working with clients to create a membership and sponsorship strategy, managing those strategies and actively seeking value throughout the year. In addition, Momentum works directly with chambers of commerce and business associations to funnel opportunities to the companies that can benefit from them.

“The Momentum Agency is a culmination of a number of services, initiatives and organizations that we’ve engaged in with Momentum Public Affairs since we started six years ago,” Turner said. “Our client base, our portfolio, our associations and what we enjoy doing for our clients has come together to create a new, innovative service that we believe will grow not only our clients, but the associations they belong to as well as the regional business community.”

Momentum – The Business Growth Agency covers the Buffalo, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Tampa and Southern Ontario markets. For more information on the Momentum Agency’s services, or to take Momentum’s five-minute sponsorship and membership ROI survey, visit