Momentum – The Business Growth Agency works with your chamber of commerce to strengthen your ambassador programs with hands-on training. Formerly only available in-person, Momentum has made this essential training available virtually to chambers all around the U.S. and Canada. With monthly sessions and affordable registration (including volume discounts), Momentum’s virtual ambassador training will help your ambassadors understand why they’re there, and offer them tips and best practices to help them excel in the role.

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chamber of commerce, chambers of commerce, momentum, ambassador, networkingIn Momentum Virtual Ambassador Training, we cover:

  • Why we’re all here at the chamber
  • The mission of an ambassador
  • How to provide value as an ambassador
  • How to provide value as an ambassador (when you’re super busy yourself)
  • How to get value as an ambassador

Who are we? Momentum President and course instructor Craig Turner served in various capacities, including vice president for government affairs and business development, for the regional chamber of commerce in Western New York. During the Great Recession, Craig designed the organization’s Employer Outreach Program, a new value proposition program that led to an 88% member retention rate during very difficult times. After leaving the chamber, Craig started Momentum, which specializes in bridging the gap between a chamber of commerce and its members.

Our goal is to offer your ambassadors perspective beyond the training that you give them – help them to understand the purpose of their role, and the bigger mission that they are a part of.

All participants receive a certificate by mail following their completion of the program. Sponsoring chambers receive a report of their sponsored ambassadors, and feedback from the program.

Pricing – Virtual Chamber of Commerce Ambassador Training

Discounts are available for chambers sending multiple participants to a training session:

Individual – $50

Drive-In Movie Deal – $79
(send all of your ambassadors and staff now, or for the next 12 months)

Want a personalized Virtual Ambassador Training session, just for your chamber’s ambassador team?
We can do that, too. Schedule a 15-minute Zoom with us, and let’s set it up!