Where Do Your Prospects Hang Out? 

Momentum – the Business Growth Agency presents an exciting program powered by rel8ed.to’s Diligence platform to strengthen your business development strategies and create better return-on-investment for your membership and sponsorship expenditures with chambers of commerce, business associations and not-for-profits.

The program, called Momentum Chamberizer, will enable you to:

  • Search for specific companies’ engagement with chambers and business associations for enhanced prospect targeting
  • Compare your prospect list across business organizations to inform membership/sponsorship decisions in local or new markets

Momentum Chamberizer gives you intel into where your prospects are spending their time, and what’s important to them. No more shots-in-the-dark for where you’re spending your membership and sponsorship dollars. You join your business associations to get leads and new business. Momentum Chamberizer tells you where you can find them.

We find your prospects at (including, but not limited to):

  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Industry Associations
  • Manufacturing Associations
  • Small Business Associations
  • Business Districts


  • Momentum Chamberizer tells you that PROSPECT A belongs to several organizations, with membership dues ranging from $1,500 to $125, with different levels of rep participating at different organizations. Where can you get the best access to them for the best value?
  • You’ve been told you “must” belong to CHAMBER OF COMMERCE A, but through Momentum Chamberizer, we compare your prospect list to find that a large percentage of your targeted companies belong to CHAMBER OF COMMMERCE B. Where will you target your membership and sponsorship budgets, and your reps’ time?
  • You are entering a new market and need networking and engagement tools for your new sales rep to use. Momentum Chamberizer will identify the strongest membership representation from your prospect list to inform your decision-making for membership and sponsorship spending and relationship-building.

The Chamberizer program offers users two levels per market: (1) a one-time analysis of your own prospect list or one provided by rel8ed.to, against the Chamberizer database; or (2) that same analysis, but also with access to rel8ed.to’s Diligence platform, enabling an even deeper dive into business intelligence on your prospect list.

Momentum Chamberizer can be built for any U.S. or Canadian market.

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